Indias Youngest Musical Rock Band Sensation

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A new youngest band has emerged in Delhi (india) in which students of just 8th and 9th class play thrilling music not only from Indian classical ragas to Arabian funk, country music, Rock etc. This distinct youngest band has primarily all instruments from Keyboard to Guitar from Jazz drum to Konga from Tabla to Tumba and the main point is they all play self made up structures and rhythms by their music teacher Deepak Mehta who teaches them all these instruments is also a President of India award winner in music. Drummer of this band is likewise certified the prestigious worldwide drum grade test of Rock school London with distinction
By listening all this we should be considering these children need to be coming from metropolitan areas of Delhi however no, all these students originate from different villages of Delhi/Haryana. These all students are studying in Shri Ram Shiksha Mandir School, Jhindpur Delhi. Speaking to me their music teacher Deepak Mehta said” they all are skilled but also fortunate that they have got such a modern school in a village which has all most current smart board technology and all the current musical instruments which school provides, so I need to say all credit goes to the manager Mr Dinesh Rana and primary Mrs Sanjana Varman for satisfying all their wishes”.
This band not only carries out in daily school functions however they likewise got chance to carry out at various functions of Delhi. Children of this band also offer solo performances. The drummer of this band likewise popular for his solo performance in school and can likewise improvise himself as told by teacher. The keyboard gamer has an unique proficiency on chords and tune which he improvises through the progression of melody.So when you will hear them you will feel that you are listening expert musicians with all there characteristics, improvisations, confidence, purity and sence of music. All this is extremely uncommon in such a age. So i feel that Shri ram shiksha Mandir is fortunate to get these stars in school and in a coming future i feel that this band will get much appeal not only in India however also in world. The world is waiting for them and as music press reporter myself i feel that it needs an unique efforts by teacher and both by students to establish something new and amazing.Good luck to these young artists by worldnetnews team.Worldnetnews correspondent